The Liberty Incident


Time Line - Chronology of Events

1967 Mideast Crisis Messages

Al-Ahram articles

Boston affidavit comments

Congressional Record (1968, 2003, 2004, 2005)

CNO - Daily Briefing Notes

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Memoranda (1967)

Diplomatic Notes (1980)

FAA Critical Seconds Chart

FOIA Lawsuit Against NSA (at

Foreign Broadcast Information Service

Foreign Relations of the United States, Volume XIX

Gotcher Debunked

Gag Orders Debunked

Hot Line

Identification of Ships at Sea

Investigations (US):

CIA Position
CIA Reports 1967
US Navy Court of Inquiry (1967)
JAG Summary of Events
Findings of Fact
Hanley Letter
Injured Personnel
Photographs taken during and after the attack
Joint Chiefs of Staff Report (Russ Report; 1967)
Clark Clifford Report (1967)
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Investigation (1967)
House Armed Services Committee Investigation (1971)
House Armed Services Committee Investigation (1991-2)
National Security Agency, Report to the Director (1967)
National Security Agency, Alger, Julie, "A Review of the Technical Research Program 1961-1969"
National Security Agency Report (1981)
National Security Agency Release of 2 July 2003
National Security Agency Release of 6 June 2007
NSA Hebrew Linguist #1
NSA Hebrew Linguist #2
NSA Hebrew Linguist #3

Investigations (Israeli):

Ram Ron Report (1967)
Examining Judge's Report (1967)
IDF History Department Report (1982)
Israeli Air Force Report (2002)

Israel Defense Force Chain of Command

Israel Navy Ship Identification Handbook

Israel Navy - Composition in 1967 per Jane's Fighting Ships

Law of Armed Conflict/Law of War - SECNAV Instruction

Letter to Editor of the US Naval Institute Proceedings (Stewart Harris)

Letter to Cristol from Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, Jr.

Letter to Cristol from Captain William L. McGonagle

Line of Sight


U.S. Navy Logs
Israel Navy Logs

Nowicki Documents

Official Correspondence Responding to Requests for Additional Investigations

Perception vs. Reality

Presidential Positions

Salans Memorandum

Brooks, Rear Admiral T.A. USN (Ret.), Review of "The Liberty Incident"

Cristol responds to U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings article

Cristol comments on affidavit of Captain Ward Boston

Trulock, III, Notra, Review of "The Liberty Incident"