The Liberty Incident

Interview of Ambassador Dwight J. Porter

Following the interview, I sent a transcript and audio tape of the interview to Ambassador Porter for his review.

In November 1991, when this interview was conducted, I was still searching for the Clark Clifford Report, trying to determine if it was presented orally or in writing. I finally located the report and had it declassified on October 27, 1995. It may be viewed under "Documents" - Clark Clifford Report (1967).

Download Ambassador Dwight J. Porter transcript

Download Letter from Cristol to Porter, December 6, 1991

Download Letter from Porter to Cristol, December 14, 1991

Download Letter from Cristol to Porter, October 8, 1993

Download Letter from US Dept of State to Cristol, September 28, 1993
(transmitting four cables from US Embassy Beirut to Secretary of State - 3 dated June 6,1967, 1 dated June 7, 1967)


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